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Hi everyone. I live in Madrid, Spain and I was borned in 2001. Technology started to appeal me since I was about 14 years. Since then, I have been creating my own projects and applications. I have always wanted to teach people and that’s why I love what I do now I started from making simple algorithms to creating Server-Client applications with graphics and Artificial Intelligence.

I have always love maths, music and sports. Sports help me to have freedom and be inspired in my work and my projects. I always came up with different ideas for my new projects. There have been moments where I have had to select between many ideas I have had at the same time.

I went to Fuentelarreyna School for the Secondary School and Primary School. I discovered Basketball that I continue playing and Piano. I went to a Conservatory in Madrid where I learnt Chord, Piano, Armony and other subjects. My favourite subject was Maths.

In the secondary school I discovered programming in an special place called TechTalents. I started with Java, my most fluent programming language I write now. Firstly with simple graphics and UI, then with 2D graphics in Android and Dektop. I created 2D games with special effects, maths and some Math Graphic Applications. Finally I get interest on Server-Client applications. I created my own Chat Manager with Java Swing Interface and Sockets. I worked in some projects with other groups of people to create 2D Open GL Online Games and other bigger applications.

There have been teachers that have marked me and I won’t forget. When I was I child, Esperanza, then David Radio for maths, Pilar Aldecoa in Physics and Carmen my wonderful piano teacher.

I changed then to a new school where I discovered a lot of new things.

In High School I moved an step forward and started to create a self programmed website that is currently working. The name was ocurred to one friend, Retopall. The knowledge of PHP, Javascript was acquired thanks to another Techtalents Course. In this stage of my life I started to learn on my own with some online tutorials. I study in a Excellence High School San Mateo in Madrid. This was the moment in my life where I learnt more.

In San Mateo I will always remember some teachers. María Gaspar my math teacher and Laura in technical drawing.

I created my Youtube channel and I started to create self explanatory videos to help people to learn. I love doing this. From my knowledge of Client-Server, Graphics applications to new field like Artificial Intelligence. This technological area is the most I am developing now. I’m a entusiast of it and I have created Neural Network with Backpropagation, Genetic Algorithms and much more.

Also, I have improved my English a lot thanks to the content I write and the speaking I do in videos and now I love this language.

I have also created my Reasearch Project of the Excellence High School. It consists on a real application with sign in synchronously with my website that let you to edit, visualize and learn how neural networks work in Java with no libraries. Definitely this was the biggest project I have ever made for now.

Then I learnt by myself Unity 3D and C# that was very similar to C++ to created 3D Simulations. I have created simulations for almost every area from Chemistry and Physics to Artificial Intelligence. What I learnt at school in physics I put it on practice in a 3D environment. Then I show up my work and efforts to my subscribers and I try my best to explain how I made them. All the projects I made where made by me.

Now, where are in 2019 and thanks to everyone that have helped me to continue with my projects specially people like you that are reading this!

Now I am loving more and more sports and I do almost everyday a different sports, Basketball, Running, Tennis… to give me energy to develop new original ideas and create new presentations and tutorials in English.

For the future I want to study Maths with Compute Science and I want to specialize in Artificial Intelligence. I want to continue creating tutorials and 2D and 3D simulations and showing them to you!

Thanks to everyone and I hope to continue doing what I love!

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