AIEditor – AI Application for research and development


This applications is quite useful if you want to understand how neural networks work. With its intuitive UI you can test and play with different neural networks. You will be able to adjust parameters, interact with the network and train it with different datasets. You can download it in the web.

The application is completely made in Java with no libraries. Also it uses a Math Viewer also writte purely in Java to draw regression functions and datasets. The application has a main window where you can interact with every neural network and see how it is working. You can test, train, save, load and create different multilayer neural networks.

An application could be digit recognition. Import the digit dataset MINST and traing the network. For example the topology of the neural network could be 784 (28×28 image) inputs, 2 hidden layer of 20 neurons and finally an ouput layer of 10 neurons.

The application only learns with supervised learning. Edit the activation functions, gradient descent type, learning rate…

Demo of the application:

Test the application: Download AIEditor


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