Universe Simulation


The Universe includes all the space, time and their contents such as planets, stars and galaxies. Everything that contents matter and energy. The universe is infinite and is expanding at speeds that we could never reach.

The simulation of a finite Universe built in Unity 3D can be watched here:

As the Universe is infinite and the distances are insane I have made the project in a specific space where every object is randomly generated. Also to make the simulation more interesting I have implemented some technological inventions that are currently being researched but they haven’t been used yet.

The project can be subdivided in 3 main areas:

  • Random Universe generation: create different systems and environments
  • Orbiting: planet, satellites orbiting around a star or a planet.
  • Rotation: planets and other entities must move depending on the planet position.
  • Space Elevator: technological invention to lift out of the atmosphere of a planet different objects fast

Universe Generation

Firstly the simulation must generate different stars in the space that have minimum distance to each other. This start could be of different colours depending on their age.

Secondly an specific random amount of planets will be created with different textures, positions and radius to the respective star.

Finally, satellites and the space elevator will be initialized. Satellites will orbit around each planet with different 3D orbits.


In this images you will se how do satellites orbit around planets with different trayectories and planets around stars.


Planets also rotate around their own axis that will have a desviation with respect to the XYZ axis.

Space Elevator

Finally there is implemented the space elevator to every planet. This lift rotates in a synchronous way with the planet and goes from the surface of the Earth to an specific height.

Thanks to the centripetal force of the Earth is it possible to create this incredible invention but the tension is also very high. The unique solution is to have a material that can support this tensions such as the Carbon Nanotubes. This structure is the best candidate for the cable of the space elevator

Space elevator

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